Based around Barber’s Adagio for Strings by William Orbit, a girl wakes and goes for a drive, but was it a dream??

A short film by me, please give it a look and all feedback is welcome, if you like what you see, then please like and share, if you’re a person that wants action immediately, it starts slow, give it a minute it’ll be worth it.

Recommendations from the director, 

Sit in the sweet spot of your speakers and turn them up to 11

Watch on as big a screen as possible, in the dark preferably

Watch more than once, each time one discovers more

Sit back, let your brain unwind and enjoy.


“I’d watch it over and over even if someone else had made it!” – Nidge OSullivan

Some test audience responses:

“One hell of a video”


“the music and the video have a sort of symbiotic relationship which creates an effect something similar to an old rave video!”

“Great Job!”